Board members are responsible for the governance of the organization as it carries out its mission.  The responsibilities of the Board of Directors includes; determining the organization’s mission; ensuring all legal requirements are met; and it oversees the performance of the agency’s Executive Director. The Board ensures that effective strategic and operational planning practices are in place and that the financial stewardship of the organization is sound.  Its primary focus is to continually evaluate the Center’s mission and effectiveness.

Additional responsibilities of its members include; attending scheduled meetings, anticipating the organization’s needs and remaining well informed of the Center’s fiscal vitality.  Board members are requested to participate in fund raising events and actively participate in committee assignments. Lastly, members ensure that its membership is sufficient and diverse.

  • Rosemarie A. Boyd, President
  • Deborah A. Almstrom, First Vice President
  • Eric Roldan, Second Vice President
  • Nadine Premo, Immediate Past President
  • Anna Mary Kraemer, Past President
  • Erin Delaney, Treasurer
  • Marilynn Foley, Clerk
  • Sharon Hogan
  • Dianne Trachimowicz
  • Shirley Williams
  • Lizandra Velez
  • Karen Longo
  • Linda Hyde
  • Patrick Harvey
  • Jared Fiore
  • Joyce Rowell, Ex Officio

Rainbow Child Development Center Advisory Board

The mission of the Rainbow Advisory Board is to provide counsel and guidance to the Board of Directors while serving as an advocate to its mission. Members of the Rainbow Advisory Board play an important public relations role in the community to promote the Center’s value.  Members are requested to; participate in Rainbow Child Development Center’s Annual Meeting, provide guidance by serving on Ad-Hoc Committees and support fund raising activities by contributing their time, talent and/or financial support.