Lifelong Learners

Providing at-risk children the competencies required to become lifelong learners

  • Reading – Children read everyday at Rainbow Child Development Center(RCDC) to promote and strengthen their literacy. When children read, their language and thinking are different. One way to measure reading is to take a close look at their language and thinking. Children at Rainbow are encouraged to participate in conversation and extend their vocabulary.
  • Inquiry Children are born wanting to discover new environments. At RCDC, inquiry is encouraged and fostered.  Children ask questions and explore. RCDC’s staff does not squelch the impulse most essential to learning new things and to pursue scientific discovery and invention.  RCDC teachers encourage children’s interests and assists them to investigate.
  • Flexible Thinking and Use of Evidence – RCDC allows children to think about a situation is various ways. Children are encouraged to adapt to new situations, improvise and shift strategies to meet different types of challenges.
  • Conversation – Conversations between teachers, staff and administration are key to achieving many of the children’s goals. RCDC staff engages in conversation with students. Teachers note the importance of the number of sentences in a conversation with children, how many words are used, how many turns each speaker takes and how many topics. RCDC teachers are sensitive to the fact that children from low income homes are often less likely to hear or be engaged in lengthy discussions at home.
  • Collaboration – Habits of kindness and teamwork permeates the Center. Families have been with RCDC for years and have developed a trusting relationship. RCDC requests and welcomes parental input.
  • Engagement – At RCDC children are immersed in learning and assessed in a comfortable environment. They are given opportunities to be fully absorbed in various kind of activities. Children’s engagement with each other and adults facilitates attainment of age appropriate benchmarks.
  • Well Being – At RCDC, children acquire a sense of well being from teachers, lead staff, afterschool leaders and administration.