Rainbow Child Development Center Appoints Paula Perrier Executive Director

Paula Perrier will succeed Joyce Rowell who retired in June after her nine-year tenure as the Center’s Executive Director. Perrier will begin her time as the center’s new Executive Director on August 28, 2020. Perrier brings over thirty years of administrative and supervisory experience in Massachusetts licensed child care as well as experience working with children and families from diverse populations and income levels. Read the Press Release

Great News, We are Open!

Rainbow Child Development Center has officially reopened its doors as of July 13, 2020!  We are so pleased to be reunited with our children and families!  Both our Preschool Program and School Age Summer Camp for children between the ages of 5 – 12 years old are running successfully.

Rainbow’s administration, teachers, and staff submitted detailed reopening plans that were approved by the MA Dept. of Early Education and Care guidelines and restrictions aligned to COVID-19 health and safety regulations.

New implemented procedures include children and adults being individually screened for their health on a daily basis, all in the building, and at camp wear a mask, children are socially distance inside their classrooms and at camp as well as when they enjoy their meals, which are individually prepared and distributed. 

The weather has been perfect for preschool children to enjoy the playground and our school age children are enjoying summer activities such as swimming, fishing, hiking, art, science, and literacy programs at camp.

Our staff members are vigilant in sanitizing “high touch” areas at our Edward Street location and at Camp Marshall throughout the day.  

We recognize the importance of our responsibility to ensure everyone’s health and safety during these unprecedented times. Please feel free to contact program administrators if you have any concerns.  

Donate to Rainbow’s Summer Camp Bus Transportation Fund

During the months of July and August, Rainbow will provide a summer camp experience for low-income children ranging from 5 to 13 years old. We will be transporting up to sixty children, five days a week for six weeks to Camp Marshall located in Spencer, MA. After careful consideration of the very challenging health and safety restrictions we are facing but with a belief in the critical benefits of camp, especially this year, our board and staff felt strongly about offering a fun, outdoor summer experience for our children.

We can’t do this without your financial support! Covid-19 health and safety restrictions allow only ten children on each bus due to social distancing requirements. These extremely costly guidelines result in Rainbow’s Summer Camp Bus Transportation Expense for 6 buses for 6 weeks to be $49,500!

Our Board of Directors has unanimously voted to take this extraordinary step; they are 100% committed to making personal contributions and seeking to redirect some grant funding to this effort and are asking Rainbow friends to join them in generating the funds we need. Our goal is to quickly raise $25,000 to assist in meeting those transportation costs.

Learn more about Rainbow’s Summer Camp Program and the transportation appeal.


$8,250 will sponsor 6 buses for 60 children for one week (1650 x 5) or 1 bus for 10 children for 30 days

$1,650 will sponsor 6 buses for 60 children for one day

$1,375 will sponsor 1 bus for one week ($275 x 5)

$875 will sponsor one child’s bus transportation for 30 days of camp

$275 will sponsor 1 bus for 10 children for one day

$27.50 will sponsor one child for one day of bus transportation

Thank you to the Worcester Together Fund!

Worcester Together Fund

Rainbow Child Development Center is very grateful to be a recent recipient of the Recovery Grant from the Worcester Together Fund, a partnership of the Greater Worcester Community Foundation and the United Way of Central Massachusetts in cooperation with the City of Worcester. This significant and important funding will assist Rainbow to purchase vital COVID-19 equipment and supplies, help to fund children’s transportation to Rainbow’s summer camp and assist new staffing requirements to meet COVID-19 restrictions. Support from the Worcester Together Fund will have a positive impact on the lives of many children and their families. Thank you to all who have donated to the Worcester Together Central Mass COVID-19 Fund and for sharing Rainbow’s commitment to invest in our most valuable resource, namely, our children.

Rainbow Supports Justice, Equity and Peace

While our doors have been closed since the middle of March due to the pandemic, our hearts and minds remain open in this pivotal time. Rainbow has been, and always will be committed to combating systemic racism, violence, and institutionalized oppression against black and brown lives. We embrace, recognize, and celebrate the diversity of the children and families that comprise the fabric of Rainbow’s community, and believe Rainbow’s children are tomorrow’s prosperity.

Racism is a learned behavior, not an inherited trait.  Children’s self-perception forms their identity and attitude toward others. Rainbow’s collective focus is to ensure that all children maximize their strengths, feel empowered, and recognize their value. We will continue to offer children programs to increase their resiliency, accessibility to new opportunities, and ensure a sense of belonging based on trust and mutual respect.

The pillars of equity, inclusion, empathy, and respect are modeled by Rainbow’s administration, teachers, and staff in order to have a formative role in helping children build critical skills for navigating the complexities of race. Our teachers and staff remain committed to upholding Rainbow’s core principles:

  • Creating a welcoming community by making equity and inclusion prominent priorities in our routines and environment in order for children to feel a greater sense of belonging, safety, trust, and openness.
  • Encouraging self-expression by giving children the ability and validation to bring their full racial and cultural identities to Rainbow. 
  • Creating opportunities for discussion about racial equity using current events, cultural happenings, and pop culture to spark relevant and meaningful discussions with our children. While attention to diversity is important, it is even more critical to address equity (fairness or justice), since racism is fundamentally about power. Age-appropriate discussions include the importance of fair treatment, opportunities, and justice for everyone.

As we work to build a more just world, we stand tall within the Worcester Community and support the many brave individuals and organizations doing important work to eliminate racism.  

Board Member Opportunities

Rainbow Child Development Center’s Board of Directors is looking for people to serve on the Board and Advisory Board. If you would like to learn more about the Board and Advisory Group functions, please click here.

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