Family Child Care

Infants and toddlers enjoy all the comforts of a home in an educational, safe, licensed setting and so much more! Rainbow’s Family Child Care (FCC) Educators are entrusted with a parent’s most precious treasure, namely their infant or toddler. Rainbow’s Educators are very sensitive to how difficult and challenging it is for mothers and fathers to adjust to having someone else care for their infant or young toddler while they are at work.

family child care servicesRainbow’s Educators provide high quality, developmentally appropriate care and support to facilitate the maximum potential of each young child. Every Family Child Care Educator’s home is licensed and inspected by MA Early Education and Care. Every educator is certified, trained in CPR and takes refresher courses annually.

Educators assist infants with simple yet important skills, including sitting up, rolling over, crawling, walking, and talking. As they become a toddler, they are well-prepared to join the toddler activities that are also provided, such as singing songs, counting, learning the alphabet, reading and listening to stories, and art projects. Every Educator uses Teaching Strategies Gold Curriculum, an authentic, ongoing, observation-based assessment system aligned with the developmental stages of young children starting at birth.

Rainbow’s Family Child Care Educators

  • family child care rainbowProvide a meaningful learning environment that is responsive and nurturing for young children
  • Plan developmentally appropriate routines and activities every day
  • Promote and track children’s learning, growth, and progress
  • Build partnerships with families based on trust and mutual respect
  • Work to address the needs of families within their professional responsibilities

When parents bring their child to one of our Educator’s homes, they are assured that their child is in a safe, calm, and encouraging setting. Parents are at ease knowing their child will have multiple opportunities and space to learn, play, socialize and rest. Rainbow Educators increase children’s emotional and cognitive readiness to make certain that each child is well-prepared for preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, and beyond.