Healthy Smiles Program

Something to Smile About

Rainbow expanded our partnership with Mass College of Pharmacy Health Sciences (MCPHS) this year to work with children in not only our preschool but also in our afterschool program. MCPHS Seniors developed and implemented a Healthy Smiles program for children enrolled in our afterschool sessions at Edward Street and Belmont Street school. Students participated in three hands-on lessons that covered the benefits of fluoride, the importance of keeping teeth clean, and the importance of avoiding foods and beverages with a high sugar content.

Additionally, with parental consent, children participated in MCPHS Neighborhood Smiles Program during school vacation weeks. Each child received dental cleaning and oral health assessments as well as fluoride varnish applications. Due to their age, some children also received dental sealants to protect their teeth. In addition to receiving dental services, students engaged in fun games and activities while their classmates received dental services.

All at Rainbow want to thank the MCPHS Team for this impressive new partnership that will be implemented each year going forward.

children dental carechildren dental care
children dental care children dental care