Our Commitment

Rainbow’s Commitment to Children and Families

The demand for early childhood care and education programs continues to increase
not only in response to the growing demand for out-of-home child care but also in
recognition of the critical importance of educational experiences during the early
years. Decades of research clearly demonstrate that high-quality, developmentally
appropriate early childhood programs produce short and long-term positive effects
on children’s cognitive and social development.

Rainbow Child Development Center’s early education and care continues to enhance
its integrated approach to programs that directly include and involve families, business
partners, local and state educational entities and foundations. Each represents a
vital component to the Center’s operation, program implementation, progress,
enhancements, and evaluation.

The Center’s commitment to children and families is based on confirmed, objective
data that children who were enrolled in early education programs repeatedly exhibited
an increased level of academic achievement.

Specifically, at-risk children enrolled in high-quality, stable, early education and
care programs, are more likely to engage in; complex inquiry, demonstrate secure
attachments to adults and other children, and have elevated reasoning and language
abilities. Additionally, these children are more likely to positively adjust to elementary
school, and are less likely to have behavior issues.

Children’s success during preschool and the first years of school often predicts
increased probability of continuing their education after high school. Rainbow’s
administration, teachers and staff are mindful of these interrelated components
and are equipped to maximize each child’s potential.

Rainbow Child Development Center’s Pledge to Children and Families

  • Children in Rainbow’s programs will have access to a safe and accessible,
    high-quality early childhood education that includes a developmentally
    appropriate curriculum, knowledgeable and well-trained educators and staff,
    comprehensive services that support their health, nutrition, social well-being,
    and will be in an environment that respects and supports diversity.
  • The Center will continue to offer excellent academic, social, and inquiry
    based experiences to children that will assist in forming their foundation
    of lifelong success and self-sufficiency.
  • The Center will continue to offer parents the opportunity to participate in
    their children’s education through family-friendly events such as art exhibits,
    parent-child healthy cooking lessons, veggie parties, meetings with teachers
    and coordinators and a chance to attend the Center’s academic, cultural
    and social events.