Parent Activity

We hope that you and your family are doing well. Below are some activities that you can do with your children. Click on any of the links and the activity information will download.

New Activities After Opening

October 29,2020 Activities

October 19,2020 Activities

September 21, 2020 Activities

September 09, 2020 Activities

September 01, 2020 Activities

August 24, 2020 Activities

August 20, 2020 Activities

August 10, 2020 Activities

Activities Provided Prior to Opening

Parent Activity 1

Parent Activity 2

Week 3 Activities

Pandemic Family Infographic

Why Can’t I Go To School

Tucker Turtle Story

Week 4 Activities

Nutrition Bites Issue #1

Week 5 Activities

Week 6 Activities

Week 7 Activities

2020 Time Capsule

Why I Cannot Go To School

Week 8 Activities

Masks Aren’t Scary

Week 9 Activities

Help us Calm Down

Week 10 Activities

Week 11 Activities

Week 12 Activities

Week 13 Activities

2020 Time Capsule

Calm Down Poster

Wearing Masks Story